Just right click on the desktop. Select "screen Resolution". A window will appear with the characteristics of the monitor and the orientation of the image. Click on the extension button and specify using the slider to a lower value than is currently installed. If you know which parameters are required by the game, try becoming them. Click "Apply" and "OK".
Download the latest version of Catalyst Center and install it on your computer, if you have a video card of the brand ATI. Just right click on the desktop and run the application Catalyst Control Center. In the appeared window select the section "My built-in screen", then go to "Properties" and select "full screen". Click the "Apply" button located in the lower right corner of the program window. After that again press the right mouse button on the desktop and open "screen Resolution", then set the resolution to its original position.
Start the context menu by right click on the desktop and select "Nvidia control Panel" if you have a video card of this brand. Go to "Display" and select "adjust position size" then click on "Use Nvidia scaling" and save the settings. And again return the old screen resolution.
Start the game, in which it was necessary to remove the black strips on the sides. If they are still present, repeat the above procedure again, but with a different resolution. Also worth checking the version of installed drivers. If they are outdated, it is recommended to run the upgrade.
Go to "update Center" Windows 7 operating system and check the box next to the appropriate item and click "Update". If you're using another version of Windows or another OS, you must uninstall the old drivers and install the new one. Run it in "device Manager".