The developers creating the game and preparing it for release, put the average values in the settings screen, sound and controls. Unfortunately, few users change these settings, thinking that the developers took care of everything to make it better is impossible.
To begin to find out the resolution of your monitor. Find the box and papers from him. All of this should you be kept from the date of purchase. In documents or on the box indicated the correct resolution of your monitor. It was under him and should all be customized. If you have not, fix this bug for his own good.
Now start the game. Typically, first menu appears. It has a "settings" or "options". Go to it. Now select "settingsmap screen", for the item "video". Here, as a rule, it is possible to configure the resolution.
Select the digits corresponding to your monitor. If not, find another value as close as possible to your metrics. Click "OK". If necessary, restart the game. Now your eyes will be much nicer and more comfortable, and you will get more enjoyment from the game.