You will need
  • - digital tuner for TV
  • - satellite antenna ("dish")
  • - a contract with the company-operator of television services
Digital television gives higher image quality, but also provides a greater number of television channels. In accordance with the government's program 8 Federal channels all citizens of the country can see for free, and additional packs are available for separate a very reasonable monthly fee.
Today, in every large village already has its own organization that provides a connection to digital television, and an extensive system of cable networks. So all that you will need to view it is appropriate equipment and a contract with the operator.
The digital signal is significantly different from traditional analog, so for his admission requires either a new generation of television with integrated decoder (digital TV), or a special attachment to ordinary TV – digital tuner. To buy the tuners usually directly in the offices of companies providing services connect to cable channels and in specialized stores. However, buying a tuner in the office is preferable, because there sell preconfigured appliance, and it will only connect to your TV.
In addition to digital equipment for cable channels, you will also need a maintenance contract. To find out about prices and the conditions of his detention by telephone by calling the customer care Department of the company-operator.
In addition to the more typical cable television, digital channels you can watch with satellite TV. This connection method is convenient in cases when the house tight fiber cable system and there is no other technical possibility. Therefore, digital satellite TV is especially useful for installation in private houses and country cottages as well as cottages and in areas-new buildings with even poor infrastructure. A great advantage of satellite dishes that if necessary they can be easily dismantled and moved to a new location. This is useful when the family often change their place of residence.