You will need
  • - material for the top (felt, leather or felt);
  • - material for the lining;
  • - thick cardboard;
  • glue;
  • - threads;
  • - needle;
Choose a material for the manufacture of hats. Traditionally, tailoring of this headgear, use a leather or felt. The base of the hat is made of cardboard, so purchase a fabric for the lining. It can be silk, cotton or linen. Choose to your taste, but try not to disturb the overall color scheme.
Prepare patterns. Measure the circumference of your head. On thick cardboard, draw the bottom of the hat with a diameter equal to the result obtained. Make the basis for the crown (sides of hat). Draw 2 rectangle with a width of 13 cm and length 27 cm Now, prepare the pattern for the fields. Draw a circle with a diameter of 30 cm, inside draw another circle of size equal to the bottom of the hat. The inner part of the figure need to be cut. Preparing stencils, parisvisite the edges of the rectangles with a height of 1 cm They need for more convenient connection details. Sew to the edge of the bottom and field wire, which will help to give the hat the necessary form.
According to the obtained template to cut the fabric on the upholstery and the lining of his hat. Don't forget to leave the edges of 1 cm for the seam allowance. Alternately sew details of lining and upper between them, leaving one side free to insert the cardboard template inside. Then Unscrew stitched element on the front side, put in the middle of the strip of cardboard and carefully suture the open end. Connect all parts with the inner side of the hat. The joints between the crown and brim are not rubbed his forehead, panel this section of the ribbon or strip of soft tissue. A bit rotten at the bottom and the brim inside, this will help you sewn the wire.
Adorn the hat. To do this, sew the main seams of hat using large stitches. On the lower edge of the crown can be put on a leather strap or a decorative braid. If you make a hat for the new year holiday, do it with red material and undercut white fur. Hat, sewn for a glamorous costume, you can sheathe several rows of sequins along the bottom edge of the crown.