Refer to the gynecologist and you will delete the spiral. Usually it takes 1 minute, as the deletion is performed without anesthesia. Pull out with tongs firmly grasping the spiralof ku the tail. This is usually not painful, but can take two tablets shpy or dipyrone, but this is not necessary. The pain that occurs when removing the spiral is not stronger than during the onset of menstruation.
Remove spiral at home is not recommended. But you can purchase a gynecologic speculum, lie on the back and front of a regular mirror to remove the spiral, taking it with sterile forceps. Usually it is possible to delete recently delivered intrauterine spiral, remove ingrown impossible, bleeding may occur.
If the spiral fell and is in the vagina, gently grab it with tweezers and pull. Can just squat and strain the vaginal muscles, she needs to go herself. After this accident go to the hospital, the spiral may fall for you when abnormalities in the cervix or pregnancy.