Before you have a baby, think. It is the deception of the closest person for you. A man can understand that he might Wake his father's feelings, and then it all came together. But it may be that he will give up this baby or be angry at the deception, they would think it a betrayal. You also have to live my life with the knowledge that you without the consent of the companion decided to take this step.
The easiest way to get pregnant, telling your husband that you are taking oral contraceptives. In this case you refrain from these drugs. To avoid any issues, buy like a pack of vitamins, and drink it on the desired schedule. He will think that everything is in order, and unexpected events can be attributed to not 100% protection these tablets.
You can also extract the spiral, if it is installed without telling the spouse. The probability of pregnancy with helix is not large, but still exists, it will be a good explanation of how it happened. But it is important that the doctor didn't say anything. When you're together to come to the examination of the mother and the future baby, tell the doctor that her husband was not aware of. Or take the spiral walk to one skilled in the art, and the pregnancy take another.
If you guys use condoms, you can ruin a pack with a few holes. Two or three puncture a small needle will be enough. Change need not all things in the package, as if the man finds out about this trick, it would be a scandal. In the usual place, where they are stored, leave the whole of the product, and hands, head punctured. Or replace a damaged in the process of the love game. But remember that after the process it is better to throw a rubber product yourself, as the particles of liquid will seep, it will raise suspicion.
Effective option is artificial insemination. It is a medical procedure in which the male semen injected into the uterus of a woman. To apply to a doctor, figure out the best time for conception, and these days to come up with material in the clinic. To take sperm from the condom, the husband did not notice. This procedure is paid, but effective. If a woman has no health problems, pregnancy can occur on the first attempt. But it is important that the whole process went quickly, as the life time of sperm retrieval is limited.
You can enter the sperm and independently, for example with a syringe. Then it is recommended to raise the legs so the fluid does not escape, and hold in this position for 10-15 minutes. It is optimal to do it during ovulation, when the probability of pregnancy is maximum.