If toast really means something to you (for example, it is addressed to your best friend who is getting married), but you hesitate to speak in front of a large number of people, should take courses of oratory, after all, a toast is a kind of public speaking. After such training uncertainty when speaking of toast, can disappear forever. Of course, this method will be useful only if you have enough time before the upcoming celebration.
Make several variants of the toast in advance and practice their pronunciation in front of a mirror or loved one. Different variants of the speech will be useful in case if someone is speaking to you, you can say a similar phrase.
You can take as a basis a ready-made toast, for example, from the special collections, but will certainly add something from yourself, otherwise the words will sound insincere. A good toast should be brief (1-3 minutes) and the relevant specific case, and its meaning is focused on the guest of honor.
For making toast directly on the ceremony be sure to get up – this will draw to you attention. It is also possible to avoid eye contact with several guests. If appropriate, you can make a joke.
Before the toast, take a deep breath, this will help remove unnecessary tension. You can imagine that you have already spoken, and very successful, and with that feeling to start talking. Don't forget to smile (unless you were going for a tragic reason).
If you still hard to cope with anxiety, try this unusual technique: imagine that the gathered deaf-blind people who cannot see your experience, or little children among you – the only authoritative adult. Remember that most toast nervous before a speaking of toast, and that's fine.
A toast, speak in short sentences, clearly and with expression. If a toast is addressed to a specific person - say, looking him in the eyes, and if all present then add their opinion.