1. Remember that rabbits are very ambivalent about the process of bathing. If you've decided to wash the rabbit, be prepared for the fact that he will be aggressive, nervous and frightened fuff, fuff, fuff. The fact that in nature these animals will never wash in the water – they clean their fur like cats. Therefore, water treatments are very stressful.

  2. Bathing a rabbit, try not to use detergents – they can adversely affect the wool of the animal, for example, discolor it or make it more rare and dim.

  3. Wash the rabbit you need warm water, preferably in the bath. To do this, just pour the water in the tub and put the rabbit there. Shower lens use is not recommended, as individual drops of water can enter the animal in the ear, and this, in turn, leads to the development of otitis media.

  4. Once the rabbit is cleaned, it shall be thoroughly dried. But in any case, do not use for drying rabbit hair – the animal can be frightened buzz. Better to just wipe the rabbit dry and warm towel and wipe necessary as long as the animal does not become completely dry – otherwise he might catch cold.

  5. If the rabbit is not very dirty, you can wash, not the whole hair, but only the most contaminated sites. In this case, the process of bathing much easier. Often need to wash my rabbit's foot. To wash feet, just enough to lower the animal in the tub with some warm water and gently rinse the fur on his limbs. After that you need to dry the paws of the rabbit with a towel or dry cloth.