Necessary for the proper care

Together with the decorative Bunny and "dowry" for him. It consists of:

- the toilet;
- trough;
- drinkers.

Cage should be spacious for the pet to move freely there. Required removable drip tray, then the cage is easy to clean.

It put the house, where the rabbit will sleep during the night and sometimes sleep during the day. If the cage is large, on the other hand put the litter tray for kittens. In it and on the bottom of the cell sprinkle granulated wood filler.

Sale special – for rodents and rabbits. You can buy cat, but a small fraction. Thanks to the filler in the apartment will not smell of feces. It will save time, effort owners. It will be enough to clean the cage every 3-5 days.


It is important to periodically buy animal hay, which is not only litter, but also part of his feed. The menu included rabbit and grain. In pet stores sell special balanced feed. In addition grains include dried fruits, vegetables, herbs, minerals and other useful components.

In the animal's diet should be fresh vegetables: carrots, apples, and dried. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of cabbage to the rabbits, as the excess of its bad effect on digestion of the animal.

The same applies to raw potatoes and beets. They need to give in very small quantities and infrequently.

A rabbit should always be water. He's drinking from a special trough which is suspended to the upper side of the cell. The water must be changed frequently, especially in summer. You need to wash a bowl brush for bottles.

Water should be the animal always. Even if he is eating enough juicy fruits and vegetables. Decorative rabbit consumes the grain, the hay, so occasionally drink.


Summer in the country for animal care easier. You can build a decorative rabbit paddock, and he will graze on a warm day on the grass. Don't forget that it is burrowing animals, therefore, are undermining the pen from the bottom and out of him. Better to make a fence down the sides mesh netting with large cells, and sometimes transferring it to a new location where there is fresh grass.

The city is also possible sometimes to take a walk with your pet, putting him on a leash with a harness. It is important not to forget that he doesn't need to stay out of the sun, as this can result in warm stroke. Enough partial shade.

In the cold season it can run in the kitchen, the hallway, the room, as the movement of the rabbit is necessary.