You will need
  • detergent;
  • - brush the fur;
  • - vinegar.
Try a little experiment before you start the washing. Pull the bundle of wool. If you have a hand left too many hairs of the coat to erase undesirable, as it can oblasti. If the product is fairly new and fur it is not raining, you can begin the procedure.
If the fur of the rabbit is decorated with metal elements or it has inserts of different fur, try to unfasten them. Remember to remove everything from the pockets.
Pour warm water into a basin and add a little liquid detergent. If the coat has stubborn stains, apply a detergent and leave for 10-15 minutes. After which wash the product in a prepared solution. Do not RUB the fur too hard, otherwise it will deteriorate.
Voluminous fur coat wash in the machine. Put the product in a special bag or in a regular pillowcase. Place in the drum and turn on the delicate washing with a speed spin of about 500, but not more. Powder use liquid, as it is much easier opolaskivaetsya with fur. Add to the final rinse when the Cup 5 % vinegar.
Hang the fur coat of a rabbit on a hanger over the bath – it can drain the remaining moisture. Comb the fur with a special brush or a conventional massaquoi. After drying, shake the product and brush it again so the fur became smooth.
If in some places the fur was dybitsya, spray the product from a spray with a weak solution of the air conditioner (10 ml per liter of water) and comb.