You will need
  • - small basin with warm water
  • - a special shampoo for rabbits
  • - some towels
In the case of slight contamination is enough to wipe dirty place with a damp cloth or towel dampened with warm water.
If that's not enough, fill the basin with some warm water, put the rabbit there, and wash the soiled places. Be prepared for the fact that the rabbit will resist, hold it firmly, yet gently. Try not to wet the animal as a whole, in any case not okonite it in the water with his head. Do not use shower: the sound of water can irritate your pet even more. In addition, the water trapped in the ears, can cause otitis media.
как купать кролика
Detergent use is not desirable, and in case of severe contamination, buy a special shampoo for rabbits. Shampoo is better to dissolve it in water before applied to the fur of the animal.
как из бумажки зделать кролика
Thoroughly dry the rabbit with a few towels and drop it in a warm place. In any case, do not allow it hypothermia - this can lead to disease. Close all Windows to avoid drafts.
как бить кролика
While trying to dry the animal with a Hairdryer there is a risk that it will be even stronger - because the process of bathing for him is stress. In addition, rabbits do not like loud unexpected sounds. If you do decide to use a dryer, keep it at a great distance from the animal, so as not to burn his tender skin.
как обрезать кокти кроликам кроликами домашними
Follow the animal, wipe its fur with a dry towel until it dries completely.