Chat with your pet when it is in a good mood and ready to contact. Do not trouble sleeping or washing itself of the animal and do not bother with caresses to the rabbit, who was going to eat. Wait when it will finish all the important things.
как наладить контакт с кроликом
Check the smell of your hands with tobacco, cream or perfume. Rabbits have a delicate sense of smell, and the smell they carry with difficulty. Wash your hands baby soap or gel unscented.
If the pet is fearful, do not make sudden movements or attempt to remove the animal from the cage. You want the communication with you was to him only positive emotions. Gently saying and repeating the nickname rabbit, pull him hand and slide the fingertips on the neck and near the ears.
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Do not attempt to deploy the animal in position, it is more convenient for you. If the rabbit turned his back, gently stroking his neck. Animal, sitting for you face, you can gently Pat along the nose and forehead. Lying rabbit gently massage the sides and back. If the animal likes it, he'll show it, turning and exposing the abdomen. Well, if the rabbit jumps and shrinks into a ball, leave him alone: perhaps now it is not configured to contact.
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When the animal get comfortable, and will happily accept petting, try to gently pick him up. Some animals like it, others prefer to be stroked, when they lie down on the floor or the couch. Meet the rabbits who love vigorous massage, but most prefer light stroking and scratching.
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Combine business with pleasure, at the same time stroking on brushing rabbit's coat. This will prevent the formation of tangles and the ingestion of animal wool lumps. Keep the comb, repeating the finger movement. If the animal is not like scratching the teeth, moisten your palms with water and intensively oglejte pet from all sides, not forgetting the ears and the abdomen. Fallen hairs will remain on wet hands.