Quickly see the fare on MTS, you can use USSD-request, dial *111*59# on your mobile phone and pressing the call button. After a few seconds the data about the connected services will appear on the screen or in the incoming SMS message. If the combination has not worked, or you got strange characters, try pre-recruit *111*6*2# then again, use the command define the rate. In this case, the information will come in the Latin alphabet, which is the majority of phones.
Try to find out the current rate of MTS on the number of subscriber service 0890. Dial the number and listen to the user voice menu. You will need to choose the appropriate section by pressing the asterisk and the corresponding number on the phone. To navigate to the data about your subscription plan, press "1". In addition, you can press "0" or wait some time to connect with the operator. What's your number, and passport details, after which it will report your current rate. Calls to the help Desk, as well as the use of the various services are free within the MTS network.
Use the option "SMS-Assistant" to find out your tariff plan MTS. Send a text message with the number "6" to 111. Automatic service operator send a text message with the name of the current rate. Please note that on some phone models, the message can come in two parts or in Latin.
Find out the tariff for MTS through the online service "Internet Assistant", the transition is from the official website of the operator You will be prompted to enter your username and password to log in to your personal account. If you have not registered on the service before, click the appropriate button and follow the instructions on the screen. The password for the login will be sent as a text message on your cell phone and log in with your mobile number. On the main page of personal Cabinet you will see information about your mobile account, including name of owner and current tariff.
Please contact one of the salons of communication of MTS in your city. Bring a passport and a contract for connected services. The office staff will tell you the current rate and other necessary information.