You will need
  • The document on education
  • Photos
  • A sheet of paper
  • Certificate of marriage (if there was a change of name)
  • The identity document
  • Medical certificate form 086-u
Please contact the admissions office of the selected University with the application for acceptance on the desired specialty. It is necessary to attach a document about education and photography.
Go through the entrance test. If you do not fall under the category of persons that can be enrolled without exam, it is necessary to find only a passing grade. Otherwise you are waiting for the relevant exams or interviews according to the schedule set by the admission Commission.
Find out the results of entrance examinations. Usually, if the number of points is not sufficient for admission to the University on the budgetary form of education, it is possible to take places with payment of tuition fees.
Bring to the admission Committee the originals of documents on education and complete the contract, if you have chosen commercial learning.