You will need
  • - passport or any other document confirming the personality.
Contact the nearest subscriber service Department of your cellular operator of your city. If your SIM-card registered to a specific person, you need documents, if a SIM card registered to you, take any proof of identity document such as a passport or military ID.
It is also advisable to get the blocked SIM-card operator. In the case when a blocked SIM card registered to another person, his being in the service center of your operator will be required. There you can re-register the owner of the SIM card, if in the future it will be convenient for both of you.
Wait until the employees of customer service Department will check your documents and will reissue your SIMcard. Please note that at the time of your appeal to office workers customer service on your personal account should not be negative balance.
If your SIM card was not registered to any name, it is best to keep your documents you received with it when buying it, if any are left, but usually problems with the re-issue of unregistered SIM cards does not happen. In the future, better register card in your name.
If a similar situation occurred with the SIM card of any other operator, also contact customer service Department of your city. Reissue of SIM card will take you no more than 10 minutes, provided that you will not have any problems with the documents and the indebtedness on the account was missing.
Please note that locking the SIMcard, you will not get the opportunity to return on information: numbers of phonebook contacts, SMS messages, call information and so on.