Talk with relatives. It is natural that your parents, grandparents, and if lucky, great-grandparents know their ancestors better than you. So contact relatives with questions. Of course, not very likely that you know all your relatives back to Adam and eve, the Homo sapiens, or aliens-aliens (underline), but a few generations ago can be deepened. By the way, practice shows that women know better their pedigree, so make sure to check to grandma, maybe she knows about grandpa's relatives a lot.
Remember your roots. If you know that your ancestors lived in a particular village or town, and you know their name and surname next of kin, then this could be a very good help on the way to your goal. You can rummage the world wide web and look for any information on these settlements. If we are talking about the villages-the villages and you managed to find his mother, it is quite possible, on the same site or through any links you can go to residents of the village-village. After the census held in tsarist times. So if the name of your ancestors you are familiar (it can't always coincide with yours) and you find this surname in the census in a particular locality where your ancestors lived, you can congratulate yourself. You probably found some roots of your family tree, and now only need to build a bridge between them and yourself.
Go on a pilgrimage to their places of origin. Perhaps one of your distant relatives living somewhere in those distant or close villages villages. There is a possibility that by using them you will be able to find the lost links in the family tree, and his picture will be more clear.
Use the archives. If you know that your ancestors are from a small village with three streets and two surnames in the village, and from a large city, please contact archival services. Information they will provide, of course, for a fee, but the main thing would be desire, and the possibility is always there.
Refer to professionals. If you don't have time to deal with travel inquiries, campaigns in the archive, but there is a desire and material capability, it is necessary to appeal to people who are professionally engaged in the construction of genealogical trees. The world wide web one can find plenty of agencies that deal with this issue. They will do all the work for you, however, it is not so cheap. However, you have the choice.