The genealogy of the last name to know it is possible, however, please be aware that in this case, you will be available and known to General information about family, family tree will have lateral branches, and will testify only about those relatives, which bore the appropriate name.
It is clear that the same surname can have several pedigrees several options for families. Thus, it begs the conclusion that to make the precise origin of the surname is not enough, that is impossible. In compiling your family tree, you need to know and researching your ancestors from whom you got this name.
However, the name eventually changed, and some disappeared or would show up the last letter, which is why it is important to know the origin of the names, to walk up to the first founder of your family.
Thus, the name is kind of a clue, the clue that will help in the study of your ancestry, but you can't do without special genealogical research and studies.
If you except his name don't know anything else about relatives, you can use a simple free service on the Internet, where putting the name, date of birth and some other data, you will receive one or more variants of the family who can treat you.
However, if you want to know exactly their family and the history of its appearance, it is best to turn to professionals, which respectively are not for free, will produce the necessary research and provide you the entire list of founders of your family from the first to the last generation.