To begin, try to find the roots of their names independently. Talk to your parents, grandmothers, grandfathers and other older relatives. Get a notebook and write down everything they know about their ancestors. Find information about relatives like the mother and the father. When information is sufficient, take a sheet of drawing paper. Upstairs, write down the names, patronymics, surnames, date of birth and place of residence the most ancient ancestors, which was able to find out. Find out how much time the grandparents were married and what was the name of their husbands and wives. As they had children, and when they were born.
Find as much information as possible about the profession of their ancestors. Perhaps someone was a blacksmith, so you Kuznetsov. Someone was in the army, so your name - Streltsov. And someone's ancestors were fishermen, and now they Karasevy. Another nickname was given because of the peculiarities of appearance - Ukhov, noses, etc. Might be you have kept this a family trait.
If information gathered from relatives is not enough, go to the Internet. Sites such as:, and others will help you to learn the history of names. Do not use the services of portals that offer to send SMS for registration and recruitment information. Resources-the crooks who can withdraw money from mobile phone account and will not help. Look for websites that host a list of names and a description of where they occurred. There is also a chance to find their distant relatives, write them a message and continue the collection of information about the origins of my surname.
When the name is very rare, or the data about it to find it did not work, contact specialized centers. Their professional staff will make your family tree, thoroughly examining historical and archival information. In addition, they have access to the data of the institutions for the study of the origin of surnames. You will provide complete help for a family history. The document will seal seals and confirm information from the archives. Of course, these services are expensive. But you will have access to reliable information, which will allow you to be proud of what you've learned so much about my own ancestors.