Advice 1: How to know the subnet mask

When you configure the network always need to specify certain parameters: the ip address, subnet mask, default gateway. Many users, for the first time configuring the network, do not know how to find this information and where to record them.
How to know the subnet mask
Subnet mask you can find out by looking at settings, network connections. Go to the start menu on the toolbar. Find the setup tab, select network connections. Before us there is a network connections window. If you have a network connection, in this window, they should be displayed. If the window is empty, then you need to create a network connection. Now consider the variant when you have all created.
Right-click on the network connections icon. In the appeared menu select the item "properties".
Appears properties window. Find a window with the title "components used when connecting".
Move the slider down window, find "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)". Click with the left mouse button on the item. Just below become active-click on "properties".
Click on this button, a window "Properties: the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)". Where you will see the IP address of your computer and the mask for the network. Typically, the mask value is always the same:
If you first configure a network connection, Properties Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" once you ordered an IP address, click with the left mouse button in the field subnet mask and as the subnet mask appears automatically.

Advice 2 : How to determine the subnet address

The address of the subnet is called a mask. With this number, you can probably tell what part in an IPaddresse specifies the end point. Therefore, finding a mask is the key in this matter.
How to determine the subnet address
You will need
  • computer;
  • connection to the Internet.
  • browser.
When it was required to find the mask of the starting node, no problems. But now, when one root is multiple subnets, to find the right became very difficult. In fact, if you want to determine the address, you need to thoroughly examine the way of branching, consisting of three parts (parts A, b and C). This requires additional bits belonging to the host part. That is, one network can be divided at least into two subnets. The first thing you should do is to write the binary form of your IP address.
Not to look up the IP address manually, go to the website There is automatically formed the name of your computer, operating system, browser, with which you went to the page, and your ISP. In the upper left corner you will see "Your IP address". Copy it on a piece of paper. Then to write it out in binary form, perform the following steps: relating the digits to the network - and subnet-part of the mark units and to the host part with zeros. Thus you will get a certain sequence of numbers, which will be the address of your subnet.
There is an alternative method. To find the address subnet, go to "control Panel" of your computer. Then go to the menu "Network connections". You will see a list of connections among them, find "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and open settings. Next, you will need to go to "Properties". There will be described the address subnet called "Mask".
On the website, which was specified in step 2, you can also find the address of the subnet. After the phrase "Your IP address" small letters "History" section. Hit it after you re-visit this resource. The chronicle will be listed all the masks your email addresses. Choose among these desired subnet.
Useful advice
To reduce the time searching for the subnet mask, you can just go to "start," "All programs," "Accessories" "Command prompt". Then enter the command ipconfig, which will show you all the addresses. You only need to open the list, select the desired mask.

Advice 3 : As recorded ip address of the computer

After making a connection to the Internet or a local network in most cases, the computer needs to assign a unique IP address. For inexperienced user this can be difficult.
The IP address of the computer

What is the IP address

IP address – the unique combination of digits for the recognition of computer on the network. The presence of such ' may be necessary to connect to the Internet and also to interconnect two or more computers.

Provider or network operator, the subscriber is given an individual IP address, called a static. If an individual no address, the IP address is called dynamic and is constantly changing. In this case there is no need to register the address in the connection properties.

How to record IP address

The IP address is recorded in the adapter settings. With him, the mandatory subnet mask.

The sequence of actions to record IP address is.
1) right-Click the mouse over the network sign in the bottom right corner of the screen.
2) Select and open "control Center network and sharing".
3) Click "Change adapter settings" from the left side.
4) Choose the network connection you want to assign an ip address.
5) Click on connection right-click and select "Properties".
6) Select from the list of components the Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" and open the Properties window.
7) tick "Use the following IP address". In the field "IP address" enter the address in a sequence of numbers separated by periods. In the field "subnet Mask" to fit the standard mask of, if other is not provided by the ISP.

Need network connection you can learn the name of the adapter. If the IP address is required for the ADSL connection or to establish a connection with other household computers, you should choose the connection with the adapter Realtek. If the IP address is assigned to the satellite connection, the adapter can be Virtual MPE Decoder Adapter or TAP 9. If the connection is wireless, the adapter can be either Bluetooth or Wi-fi. The adapter name is written in the connection properties in the "Connect using".

If you want to connect your computer to other computers via LAN, then IP address you can customize. For example, the address of the Central computer in the LAN may look like this: Then other computers on the local network must be set to the addresses,, etc. the subnet Mask must be the same, and as the gateway registers the IP address of the host computer. It should be noted that this address is only used in the local network. To access the Internet in the Central computer must be configured to connect the hotel with its IP address.
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