Advice 1: How to put the arch liners

It is difficult to imagine the operation of a vehicle on Russian roads without the inner fender installed. On unprotected metal gets salt, rocks and sand. Treatment anti-corrosion coating does not protect the wings of the machine against mechanical corrosion. Therefore, lockers are better to install. They can significantly extend the life of the metal without replacement. Modern lockers are made of high quality materials and perfectly protect the car.
How to put the arch liners
You will need
  • -screws, pins, or staples
  • -lockers need stamps
  • -corrosion-resistant coating
  • sealant
  • -drill
The installation of the wing flaps on the car are best left to the professionals. It is not expensive. Before installing it is washed and thoroughly dried. Then the surface is treated with protective agents, and not only external, but internal, in the home can hardly be done.
If you decide to install the lockers yourself, then you will need high quality lockers, just repeating the surface of the arches under the wheels.
The design will depend on the car's suspension. There is a whole wing flaps or cut. Choose the wheel arches, the appropriate model of your car. They always state the grade for which they are intended.
Depending on the wing flaps and model of car to mount them on the screws, staples or special clips. Buying lockers, consult the sales assistant what kind of mount is most suitable for this model of wheel arches.
Along with wheel arch liners and fixings do not forget to purchase corrosion-resistant coating, which you will cover the wheel arches before installation.
Wheel before installing, you must remove, arches thoroughly washed and dried. You need to dry with hot air.
After drying, carefully apply all the available places anti-corrosion coating. It must be dry in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. Only after a full dry set the wing flaps.
Depending on the car model and purchased lockers attach them with screws to 7-8 points on the edge and 2-3 in the middle of the wing. The handle screws sealants. If the model of the car and the wheel arches requires special mounting clips or clothespins, attach in accordance with the instructions.
If lockers are not properly secure, it partially metal will be left without protection. That's why it's so important to use the services of professional masters.

Advice 2 : How to install wing flaps on WHA

Excessive savings vehicle manufacturers "the tenth generation" in Togliatti, expressed in the installation of lokara (wing flaps) does not provide reliable protection against corrosion of surfaces of the body and tail, forcing the owners replace them with aftermarket counterparts.
How to install wing flaps on WHA
You will need
  • shaped screwdriver
  • - wrench 10 mm,
  • - a sharp knife
Before you purchase a new set of protective wing flaps, carefully read and note the location of the attachment points installed on the car locura.
Buy the kit with the same mount – this will facilitate the work associated with the installation of new accessories.
In cases where not supposed to wash the wheel arches, the old lockers are removed and replaced with the new lockamy. To perform this procedure with the vehicle wheel can not be removed.
Installation accessories front begins with mounting the locking plate on the inner fender, then it is placed in a niche over the wheel, and its outer edge is introduced into engagement with the flare of the wing. Then tightened the two nuts on the studs and tighten the four bolts fastening the places of their destination. If some part of the fender liner enough adjacent to the vehicle body, it is additionally fixed with screws.
Installing inner fender on the rear wheel is operated in a similar way.
Useful advice
To reduce the time-consuming use a screwdriver with nozzles.
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