Call customer support at the hot room, which can be found on pages of the contract or other leaflets. After a few questions from the Manager and correct answers to them you will dictate your number or send it in SMS. All depends on the capabilities of your Bank.
If you have Internet access and need a password to log in to the Internet Bank, you can check the RAscoretion scoreand without problems. Enter the Bank name, select the "Internet Bank" and log in. Find cherished numbers - front expense and carefully write it on a piece of paper. Not to be confused with the RAaccounting accountof th, are two different things.
Please contact the branch of your Bank and you will be happy to tell you. To have a plastic card, savings or cheque book a little, must have a document proving your identity.
Unable to scrutinize the contract, it is possible that the number of the personal accountand it says. All depends on the Bank. Usually the number accountas written in the loan agreements, when the money is credited to the plastic card.