You will need
  • Passport decorated a Bank account.
To know your account number you can request to the Bank, whose client you are. This can be done both on the phone and when you visit any office of your Bank. To clarify information on your checking account by phone, you should call the Bank office and report the need for such data. Then you switch to another specialist, you will have to introduce myself, and to name a code word that was chosen at the time of account opening. If what you say is information will be identical to the data available to the Bank employee, you will be named your account, and other account details for the sender.
During a visit to the office, it looks a little more complicated. First, you need the time Bank may not work for some reason. Secondly, you have to stand in line before you get to the Bank employee. Specialist you will need to present a passport. After verification, you will be given all the necessary information for your payment details.
Overall, it is worth emphasizing that this information is better to check immediately upon opening your account. All the data you can just write in Notepad, and if necessary, provide them to the sender of the payment.