Advice 1: How to calculate the area of walls

Repair is a good thing. The results are pleasing: new floors, ceilings, Wallpaper... Only there is one little "but"... If you do it yourself, the repair becomes a torment: to choose the right color, choose the Wallpaper, purchase the desired amount of material. In order not to spend extra money on paint, Wallpaper, etc, you must be able to correctly calculate the area of the treated surface.
How to calculate the area of walls
You will need
  • Measuring tape
Calculate area of walls in one room is very simple.
The total area needs to be folded from square of all the (usually) four wallsOK, they're all the same, but some have Windows, doors and similar structures. S=S1+S2+S3+S4.
To find the area of one of the walls, you should multiply the height of the walls of theing on its length. If it does not, it will be the first area S1. Similarly, the calculated area of the other three walls S2, S3, S4. And the area of those walls, where there is, for example, window, calculated as: measured width and length of the window are multiplied by each other, it turns out the square window, the size of a wall, s is subtracted the area of the window, this will be the area of the wallss, where encased window, door, etc.

Advice 2: How to calculate the area of a room

How to calculate the area of a room, not to be mistaken with purchase or repair.
How to calculate the area of a room
To calculate the area of a room is rectangular, you need to multiply its length and width. The values of width and length shall be expressed in meters. In this case, the value of the area of the room would make in square meters.
If the room has additional niches or, conversely, coming into the room tabs on plumbing constructions and other premises, the area of such parcel shall be measured separately and added (or subtracted) to the area of the room.
If the room is not square, you can break it into rectangles and folded the square of each of them
To measure the length and width of the room is a conventional or electronic roulette (electronic rangefinder). For more accurate measurement results it is advisable to make two measurements - at the beginning of the wall and the end wall. If the measurements are slightly different, the arithmetic mean – both numbers are added up and split in half.
When using an electronic (laser) roulette you should pay special attention to the direction of the beam was exactly perpendicular to the wall. Even a small deviation of 5-10 degrees can "zoom" the area of a room per square meter.
If the room area is calculated for installation of infrared heating film, of the results obtained is subtracted the area of the "heavy" furniture – cabinets, walls, sofas, beds (if they are not on legs).
If the room has a more complex form, i.e. not broken into rectangles, the more difficult sections can be divided into triangles and sectors of a circle. To calculate the area of triangular sections is easier to use Heron's formula:

S=√(R(R-a)*(R-b)*(p-C)), where R - properiter triangle, p=(a+b+C)/2, a, b, C be the lengths of its sides.

To calculate the area of sectors formula area of a circle. (PR Kvadrat), how many degrees in the sector.
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