You will need
  • Ruler for measuring large lengths, little mathematical knowledge or calculator, paper and pencil to record the measurements.
Area of the apartment is calculated on one very simple rule. It is enough to know the mathematical formula for finding the area. The area of a rectangle or square is calculated by the formula: length multiplied by width. First you need to find the total area of all rooms in your apartment. For this area of each room is separate.
Consider the example of one of the rooms of the apartment. Measure the length and width of the floor of the room. Multiply these numbers. This will be the area of the floor, which is called in different area ofth room.
How to calculate <b>square</b> <strong>apartment</strong>
The previous two paragraphs repeat for all rooms of your apartment. Add up all the resulting numbers. This is a common area of the apartment.
How to calculate <b>square</b> <strong>apartment</strong>