In the text of the SNP stated that the apartment has three different areas: total area, area of apartment and residential area of the apartment. The sum of all areas of the living rooms is the living area of the apartment.
Area of the apartment is represented by the sum of all areas of the living rooms, and outbuildings, with the exception of the vestibules, cold storage rooms, terraces, balconies, loggias, verandas. Outbuildings include the areathat is inside stairs, storage rooms, closets, toilets, bathrooms, corridors, kitchens. Area inside stair, regardless of the number of levels in the apartment, is taken into account only once. Not included in the area space areaoccupied by the lift, a fireplace or solid fuel stove.
The floor area should be calculated according to their sizes, which are determined on the level of the floor between the finished surfaces of the walls, excluding baseboards. The measurement is accurate to one centimeter. When calculating the area of the attic is the area of the premises, which to the sloping ceiling has a height of at least 1.6 m. If the ceiling height is less than 2.5 m, the area is taken into account using the factor of 0.7, while part of the premises, which have a height less than 1.6 m, the calculation does not include. Indicators square flats are used to calculate the social norm of housing, utilities and housing, an official record of the housing stock Rossi and other purposes.
The total area of the apartment or single family home is calculated as the sum of the areas of built-in wardrobes and all rooms and areas cold storage rooms, verandas, terraces, balconies, loggias, which are calculated with the following lowering factors: cold storage rooms and porches – 1, for terraces and balconies is 0.3, for loggias – 0,5. In this area of the platforms is not taken into account, and in single-family house is not taken into account the area of exterior stairs, porches, attic (or part thereof) that is not occupied by the attic, vestibule, underground.