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  • roulette.
In order to calculate the consumption of materials, area of the apartment can be measured very simply. To begin, draw by hand or with the help of any graphics editor on the computer a diagram of your apartment. Then take a metal tape measure and measure the length of each wall in its lower part, just above the floor. Apply the measurements to your diagram.
The area of a room is equal to the product of its length and width. If the room has an irregular shape, ie, it has some niches, ledges, corridor, etc., then you must divide this space into simple geometric shapes. And then calculate the area of each figure. And, thus, the area of the entire room will be equal to the sum of the areas of the figures.
If one of these figures – a right triangle to measure the sides, forming a right angle and multiply them and then divide the work in half. This will be the area of your triangle.
Total area of apartments in an official capacity (e.g., BTI) is defined as the sum of the areas of all the heated and cold areas. But the area of the premises that are not heated loggia or balconies, terraces, verandas, vestibules or storage is calculated with the so-called lowering factors. I.e. the square of the loggia is multiplied by 0.5, and the area of balcony or terrace – 0.3, and the obtained result is written in the documentation.
There is also such a thing as the area of the apartment. This includes only the heated area is residential, utility and additional. To the residential premises include living rooms and bedrooms. To utility – kitchen or cooking area, corridors inside flats, hallways, front, fitted wardrobes, storerooms and sanitary facilities. Additional facilities are considered dressing room, Laundry room, dining room, library, children's room, office, units thermo-generated, etc.
Measure the size of rooms to be operated for official use, have their own characteristics. For example, they must be measured at the floor level excluding baseboards. The area of this furnace or fireplace (not decorative) in the area of the premises is not included. Not included in the area of the building, the area under the stairs, if the height of this space from floor to bottom of less than 1.6 m are Not taken into account also the space occupied by doorways, arched openings with a width less than 2 m, a niche with a height of less than 1.8 m and the area occupied by protruding elements of the capital walls. The area of the balcony or loggia is determined by the inner loop.