Under the building refers to ground-based structure with internal rooms of various purposes. The value of the total area of the building is the sum of the values of the area of each building (measurements are subject to furnish of internal surfaces of walls and floors excluding skirting boards) and the areas of balconies, loggias, galleries, verandas and attics. Also includes the area of atriums and Elevator shafts, but only within one floor. Square underground, technical and communication space less than 1.8 metres in total area are not included. Neither is the space for Parking floor. There are also useful area, floor area, building area, commercial area and residential area of the building.
The useful area of the building is the sum of the areas of all areas including rooms, hallways, lobby and balconies. The calculation does not include: square, stairwells, Elevator shafts, ramps.
The construction area of the building is square in horizontal cross section along the external perimeter of the building, calculated according to the level of the cap and including all protruding parts. Also in the area of construction included the roads under construction and the area of the ground floor if it is built on poles.
The store area is the sum of the areas of all premises related to the sale of goods and customer service. This trading rooms, facilities for the issuance and registration of orders, delivery Department, and space for additional services and places of public catering (cafes, restaurants, fast food).
The living area of the houses is determined by the sum of the areas of all dwellings excluding built-in wardrobes. Is measured with respect to the internal decoration and partitions, excluding baseboards.