You will need
  • Basketball, mesh, gym, coach.
Note the position of your hands. You need to learn how to throw with one hand so that the second to hold the ball. Point the index and middle fingers backward (in the opposite direction from the ring) and ensure that your elbow was looking right at the ring. This situation will be difficult, if you have had fractures in the arms. Also, your triceps should be parallel to the floor.
Look at how are your feet. You need to put the right foot slightly forward in the case, if you are going to do a throw with his right hand. Ensure that your leg is heading towards the ring. Slightly bend your knees. All this is done for a good jump. So it will be much easier.
Make a throw. In this case, first a little jump and before hanging – throw the ball. The elbow should be straightened. Tassels make a sudden movement then the ball will fly higher and stronger. Clearly see where you throw the ball. At the end of the throw, the hand must be directed upwards. Depends on the final position of the ball.
Constant practice. The right shot comes with experience. It's all very simple – the more you follow the first 3 points, the faster you will learn. Not going to do it – forget about the champion's shots. Some basketball players in career making of hundreds of thousands of shots, a lot of times miss, but the only way they gain invaluable experience. You need to do the same!
Find yourself a mentor. No great coach is very difficult to quickly learn how to get to the basket. Even though the user may not be technically correct to make accurate throws. Because you are not a robot and also wrong. The coach need to correct your position of hands, feet, back of the head during the execution of the training shots. You are very lucky if you get such a strict coach that will follow your every throw.
Believe in victory. If you make a purely mechanical throws, without faith in himself and in victory, these trainings will be in vain! It is very important every thought to approximate the constant progress and success. The only way you will be able to learn how to throw and hit, not only in training, but in the crucial moments during a match.