The wings are very comfortable and they protect from dirt spraying from the wheels while riding.
The rear fender is usually mounted on the seatpost under the saddle. In this case, consolidating it, you need to correctly calculate the force — do not tighten, otherwise the mount may crack. If on the other hand, tightening is not strong enough, the wing will wobble from side to side.
The front wings can be mounted on the plug, but it will not protect feet from dirt and spray.
But modern wings usually have a reliable and simple mounting — front fender attaches to the place the crown of the fork, and the rear strap under the seat. This band is praised by many cyclists — it can be mounted on any seatpost, regardless of its thickness, and also due to the rubberized strap the wing won't slip.
The rear wing can also have two parts — one that is mounted directly to the bike and the one that changes the arc of the wing or the corner, followed by the wing. Thus, we can adjust it more precisely.