Advice 1: How to install fenders on the bike

Wings for Bicycle, like other parts, usually have a manual or schematic drawings that tell how to attach them to the bike. Therefore, this process should not cause you any difficulties. To choose the right wings is also an important issue. Need to arc the wing match the arc of the wheels to the arrival of it does not touch the wheel and thus protected from dirt spraying from the wheels while riding.
install fenders on the bike
The wings are very comfortable and they protect from dirt spraying from the wheels while riding.
The rear fender is usually mounted on the seatpost under the saddle. In this case, consolidating it, you need to correctly calculate the force — do not tighten, otherwise the mount may crack. If on the other hand, tightening is not strong enough, the wing will wobble from side to side.
The front wings can be mounted on the plug, but it will not protect feet from dirt and spray.
But modern wings usually have a reliable and simple mounting — front fender attaches to the place the crown of the fork, and the rear strap under the seat. This band is praised by many cyclists — it can be mounted on any seatpost, regardless of its thickness, and also due to the rubberized strap the wing won't slip.
The rear wing can also have two parts — one that is mounted directly to the bike and the one that changes the arc of the wing or the corner, followed by the wing. Thus, we can adjust it more precisely.
Useful advice
Buying a bike and wings, better view all fasteners and component parts. It happens that the details do not fit to each other.

Advice 2: How to wash bike

Most people prefer an active vacation, and a trip on a Bicycle is one of the most popular types of this holiday. We all like to sit on the clean, shining in the sun the bike and set off on a little trip around the area. But unfortunately, not always the route runs on clean asphalt tracks. On the contrary, we drive along dusty dirt roads, through puddles and mud. After these tours, your clean, shiny bike no longer looks so impressive as to walk and to give him back the Shine and beauty of it must be washed.
How to wash bike
First you need to decide what to wash the bike. Very good and convenient option is to use a hose for garden irrigation. If the hose is not at hand, then you can do it even easier. Pour a bucket of water, but it is necessary to ensure that the water in the bucket was always clean, that is, periodically you have to change the water. Therefore, it is desirable that the water source was still nearby. You can also use the apparatus for washing bikes.
Now let's find out what sort of inventory to use for washing the bike. The sponge is better not to use, as it fills the small particles of sand, and you will scratch the frame. These scratches are barely noticeable in the shade, but perfectly visible in the sun, which will spoil the look of your two-wheeled friend. For cleaning large parts (frames, seats, wings) is better to use a small soft brush. For cleaning small and hard to reach parts (hubs, rims, pedals) will fit an old toothbrush.
First, we need to throw the bike out of the hose. The water will wash away the dust and soften stubborn dirt. While the bike otmokaet, it is possible to prepare a solution, what are you going to wash the bike. To do this, pour into a bucket of water and add car shampoo, swirl the water until a rich foam. Again rinse bike with water, being careful not to pour water on the bushings and chain. After that you can proceed directly to the sink. After you have applied a foam solution on the bike, wait a little to shampoo Otel remnants of dirt, but don't let it dry and rinse.
Once washed off all the shampoo from the bike, wipe it with a soft dry cloth. If the frame of your bike is a little faded, don't worry - this is residue from bad water. Take car wax, drip it on the frame and Polish, your bike will Shine again in the sun. If the shiny parts of the bike there was a small rust stains, they can be easily removed with WD-40 which is sold in any shop.
If you want to wash the chain, then take a small jar and pour it in the gasoline and kerosene. Be very careful, as these liquids are flammable, and their fumes are hazardous to human health. Take a junk toothbrush and flush the old grease, then don't forget to apply fresh grease.
After you washed the bike, wiped dry, and polished your bike, don't forget to lubricate all the switches, bushings and mechanisms with new grease. Washing your bike will take you so much time of half an hour. But how nice it would be to roll out a clean bike and go to him in the way. And remember that a bike like a car, loves affection, cleanliness and lubrication".
The easiest way to wash the bike with a high pressure washer but this is not recommended. Water under high pressure can get into the bushings, which can lead to corrosion of the bearings. A high pressure washer to wash the wheels, but it is better not to use it.
Useful advice
Bike wash in the shade or in the evening when the sun is not so active. The fact is that under direct sunlight, the water will dry quickly and leave on the bike ugly dirty drips of water.

Advice 3: How to tune a bike

Tuning cars and motorcycles has become a familiar phenomenon. Following the trends of fashion, the owners of the Bicycles is also engaged in the modernization of its two-wheeled machines. Improvement of bike gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of others. In many cases, tuning not only makes the bike more attractive, but also increases its functionality.
How to tune a bike

Tuning bike: bright solutions

The first purpose of those who planned to tune your bike is to create a unique vehicle, not like their cousins. Craftsmen are seeking a variety of ways of giving the bike an individual look. In the course are constructive changes, use of bright murals on the frame and fenders, as well as hanging on the bike of accessories that increase its functionality.

The most popular way to make your bike attractive and unique look is the use of the backlight. It is best suited for this purpose led bulb. You can install them in the most unusual places. Today especially, it became fashionable to be equipped with LEDs of the wheel rim and dust caps. This gives the opportunity at night to provide illumination of the pavement.

Lighting on the bike is not only decorative, but also functional. Be equipped with LEDs can be a system shifter. In this case, even the night will be easy to understand which combination is displayed on the switch block.
If the bike is equipped with a speedometer, it is desirable to embed the led in the housing. Readings from the speedometer in the dark will be easier.

How to tune a bike

Update on the bike can be almost any part: wheel, wheels, brakes, shocks, fenders, frame. And yet most of the efforts of specialists in the field of modernization of the bikes spend on the installation of the hinged equipment and its improvement. Choosing the type of tuning, one should not blindly chase fashion. It is advisable to understand what improvements will fully reflect your style and style of riding.

The main emphasis of the master tuning is recommended to do not so much on the outside of modernization, how much on its functionality. One of the favorite objects for tuning – seat for cyclist. Skilled hands can make the standard seats a real masterpiece, which guarantees comfort during long rides. Elastic and flexible, vinyl or leather cover will help to provide comfort to the rider.

For those who love to make long Bicycle tours, it makes sense to equip the vehicle with a compact bag for useful supplies. It can be purchased in finished form, but much easier to make the bag with their hands to meet specific needs, taking into account the make and model of the bike.
Fashion accessory is considered to be among the Cycling a plastic bottle for water, which is securely fastened to the frame on a special bracket.

Owners of mountain bikes can be recommend to replace the standard pedals on contact, taking into account the type of shoes that you want to go. It also makes sense to change the usual spokes on a special. They are often made from high-alloy steel or titanium. Such tuning can certainly be quite expensive. So to start it is enough to strengthen new spokes rear rim that takes the brunt of the burden when driving on rough terrain.
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