You will need
  • balalaika tutorial, it is better to have spare strings.
If you decide to learn to play the balalaika, it's time to start. This tool has many advantages. Besides the fact that almost all Russian folk music can be played at balalaika, this tool is relatively easy to learn. Carry it with you easily and conveniently. Small and compact, balalaika in the pouch takes up almost no space and is convenient to carry.
The first thing you should do is determine how you will study the game on to balalaika with a teacher or tutorial. Both approaches have their advantages. Of course, much more than their teacher, you can start to master this tool and for the tutorial. If you decide to go on a trip alone, it is also advisable to get acquainted with musical notation, since most of the exercises and compositions for balalaika have musical notation. The teacher can show some tricks and tunes directly "with hands", so that typically musical notation when learning to play the balalaika at the teacher to learn, when you already know how to play.
To play well, not tired to give proper technique and good sound, you should learn the basics of planting and hand position when playing. Musicians balalaika sitting in the following way: on a chair, near the edge, legs bent at the knees at an angle of approximately 90 degrees, body straight, but not tense, left hand fretboard with the strings, the body between his knees. A little bit grip the tool body, supporting him. Playing, relax, do not press a left to the body, hold the hand close to the fretboard. Watch the video, how to hold the instrument, the musicians - all will become clear.
Taking the right fit, start to learn the basic methods of picking: strumming, pizzicato (single, double), tremolo, vibrato, fractions, harmonics and other techniques. Take your time. It is best to be guided by the lessons presented in the tutorial. Before each class, do not forget to repeat all that has been learned earlier.