You will need
  • Vacuum cleaner, work clothes, gauze for mouth and nose, goggles for soot sponge or chemical sponge, newspaper, plastic film, warm water, a degreaser, a sponge, white spirit.
Vacuum the spot. Do not RUB the stain soot vacuum cleaner brush! Keep it at some distance from the spot.
Lay a paper on the floor where it is to pour soot. For soot sponge or chemical sponge wipe the stain consistently, stripe for stripe.
When soiled, sponge, slice off the dirty layer and continue with the cleanup. The sponge should not be wet, it should be dry.
Remove the paper and lay it instead of plastic wrap.
Dissolve in warm water degreaser, rinse in the solution of a simple sponge. Scour the stain of soot in it.
Then rinse the solution from the surface with warm water and wipe dry. If the soot stain is not washed up, repeat the procedure several times.
If after the above procedures, the stain is not otterlei, treat the soot stain with white spirit. White spirit should be applied on a cotton swab (cotton wool, wound on a wooden stick). The ear stick is not suitable, because the white spirit can soften plastic. In no case do not RUB. Easily roll the swab on the stain.
If the above methods do not help, contact your specialist or mask the stains. At this place you can hang a picture, photo or plate. Will also help redecorating. If the walls are painted, it is necessary to cover the stain with sealant, resistant to stains, and then apply a coat of paint. Will have to repaint the entire wall.