Before you glue the mirror, clean and degrease the surface using normal acetone (not nail Polish!), gasoline or special cleaner that you can buy at the hardware store. For this purpose apply the liquid to the cloth and wipe the joints. After the procedure, do not touch the bone-dry surfaces – it can significantly degrade the result. Wait until dry mirror
Prepare glue. Take a water glass, sugar and technical glycerin in the ratio of 50:19:5. Slightly warming liquid glass, dissolve the sugar, then gradually stir in the glycerine and stir.
You can try this recipe: melt in moderate heat shellac, mix it with turpentine in a ratio of 2:1. Cool the mixture, divide it into small tiles. Before you start gluing, heat mass slightly.
Instead of the described compositions it is possible to use special glues for glass. The industry offers many types of formulations from regular to professional, including adhesives which are hardened by UV-rays. For it need UV lamp.
Lubricate the parts of the split thin continuous layer of glue. Machined part mirror put on a horizontal surface, gently combine and hold under pressure for a few minutes.
If you are using UV-curing adhesive after joining the parts irradiate the surface for 2 minutes UV lamp. Then remove the adhesive residue with a scraper and repeat the glow.
A day later (when using UV glue time will be much less) gently clean off any excess glue, speaking in the seam. Now the mirror can be used.