You will need
  • Button;
  • a blade or needle;
  • - pliers for rivets (or pliers and a hammer);
  • - a piece of soft plastic;
  • - scissors;
  • - 2 piece rubber;
  • - professional press punch (optional).
Find in a fabric store and sewing accessories pliers for clothing rivets. Purchase check equipment: you will need a nozzle of suitable diameter for your riveting and themselves forceps with lock. To put the staves on the clothes need to be done on the canvas hole. It must be smaller than the base of sewing accessories. Make a cruciform incision with a sharp razor blade or carefully pierce a hole with a hot needle.
Insert the front part of the button in the holes on the top and its wrong side is on the bottom. You must attach part of the clasp gently as possible, so that when riveted, they are not shifted.
Cut a rectangular shape of soft plastic for better fixation of the parts of the rivet. For this suitable tight cover for books and school notebooks. Fold the resulting rectangle in half "book". Now it is necessary to cut two holes for the lower and inner parts of the rivet. Fix the accessories in "nests", place the fabric with the planned closure for the space between this simple device.
Put on both parts buttons pieces of rubber, for example, carved out of a leaky boot, or pads for sanitary installations. When dealing with ticks, you must make a strong effort, and you risk deforming the surface of the product.
Clench the rivet with pliers and squeeze to lock the handles – you should hear a distinctive click. You can also use the means at hand – the usual pliers, or hammer. In this case, the rubber seals may be a necessary condition for successful work.