You will need
  • spanner 13 mm,
  • - clamp or pliers
  • - Jack.
To adjust the stroke of the lever of the Parking brake with the lift – this saves a lot of time.
In cases when the visit to the station service center is impossible, for one reason or another, pull cables hand brake independently on the pit.
This car is on the pit in the garage, and the drive lever hand brake is released before the end down and under the front wheels on both sides of the installed wheel chocks.
Then Jack hung the rear axle.At the bottom, under the bottom of the car body, the cable-operated Parking brake is weakened locknut.
Fixing clamp or locking pliers to the cable terminal to the handbrakeand rotated the right rotation with a key on 13 mm adjusting nut, which leads to tension of the cable. A similar effect is produced as long as the wheel whose pad is regulated at the moment, begins to scroll with the stuttering.
Then the cable handbrakeand is released to the moment when the wheel starts to rotate freely on the hub. On achieving goals - the adjustment nut is fixed in position by the lock nut.