Follow the instructions how to check the tension of the belt of the generator, remember that bad stretched belt at any time, when in the electrical network will increase the load, can slip on the pulleys. This fact is leading to a substantial reduction of efficiency in the generating device, is in itself an indication of incorrect tension of the belt. If you notice that the generating device can no longer produce the charging current of the desired strength, immediately proceed to the examination of the belt of the generator.
To check the belt of the generator and its tension, first, open the hood of your car and inspect the belt, because the problem may lie not in the lack of tension and anguish. Then check whether a sufficient tension of the belt by pressing with your finger on the middle branch, is located between the crankshaft pulleys and the generator. Please remember that pressing with a force amounting to 400-600 N, the optimal deflection of a belt of the generator should operate in the range of 8-10 millimeters. Wanting to check the status of the belt of the generator, it is possible not to resort to pressing on it with your finger, and use the normal scales-spring balance, in this case just pull the hook branch of the belt.
Secondly, the tension of the belt must conform to the recommendations of the manufacturer, so when you check includes and mark the belt of the generator, and the model of your machine. After checking the tension of the finger method or a steelyard take a narrow metal strip and then lay it on top of the pulleys of the alternator and the crankshaft. The center of the belt necessarily prodavlivaet top, and the distance of deflection measure with a ruler, the scale of which can be seen well. Having identified the range of deflection, you will understand whether you need your belt of the generator in the correction of his tension.
If during the inspection you realized that the belt alternator is loose and does not meet the established standards, immediately start adjusting its tension. Just loosen the all nuts located on top and bottom fastening of the generator, then take from the block of cylinders the generator, and turn the adjusting bolt. Then take the key and turn with it, just the crankshaft two turns and recheck the tension of the belt. In the case where it is below normal levels, its time turn the crankshaft a couple of revolutions.