Lactic acid has whitening properties that moisturizes the skin and evens the complexion, is able to remove small wrinkles and skin irregularities. Using the mask with sour milk to lighten freckles and age spots. The effect of the mask will be softer and more gentle than bleaching with harsh chemical substances, although more slowly.

The mask:

- Sour milk – 50 ml;
- Rolled oats – 1 tbsp.

Oat flakes chop and mix with sour milk or yogurt. The resulting mixture is applied on the face and close with a fabric bandage. The exposure mask 30 minutes, then to wash off cool water. When applying, avoid the eye area and lips.

A face mask is preferably applied in the evening, during the course of treatment to use sunscreen before going outdoors. The skin after using the mask becomes more sensitive to sunlight, no additional protection may increase pigmentation.

In order to achieve speedy results mask of sour milk can be used every day for two weeks, watching the individual reaction of the organism. At the appearance of discomfort or redness, discontinue use.