Pasteurized milk is something that we offer stores. It is sold in packages and is very popular. What is the difference between pasteurized milk and regular? And whether it?

What is the "pasteurization"?

Pasteurization is the process of heat treatment of liquids at a temperature of 60oC for one hour or 70-80oC for about 30 min. Why is milk pasteurized? The fact that fresh milk contains not only useful, but also harmful bacteria. During pasteurization, removing them, resulting in stored pasteurized milk much longer than usual.

Heat treatment, which is done a procedure of pasteurization was popular in the nineteenth century. Now this process has undergone significant changes. First the milk is heated to the required temperature (depending on time), after which the product itself is cooled in special containers, which, of course, are sterilized.

Pasteurization of milk allows you to keep the product fresh for almost three days (60 hours). It is also possible to make cottage cheese, yogurt and so on. Sometimes the milk is in the process of ultra-pasteurization. In this procedure the fluid within a couple of seconds is heated to 135-150 ° C and immediately cooled to 4-5oC. After that, the shelf life of milk is as much as two months.

How to make pasteurized milk at home?

First you need to sterilize a container (glass jar) in which to store the milk. Sterilizing requires no longer than twenty minutes. Then you can proceed directly to the procedure of pasteurization.

To do this in a steamer (the top), pour the milk and water coming down. It is necessary to heat the fluid to 63оС (without thermometer will not do) and hold for half an hour, stirring. Then lower the pot of milk in a bowl of cold water and wait until the temperature of the milk does not sink to the level of + 4oC. After that, pour milk into a sterilized jar. Store in the refrigerator for two weeks (not longer).

The benefits of pasteurized milk

Pasteurized milk is suitable for those people who can't stand the taste of fresh or fresh milk. Vitamins and other beneficial bacteria in such milk exceed their content in the rest of its variants. Such milk does not contain preservatives, does not need boiling, great for child's body.