To enable pagination, open a text document, activate the Insert tab in the top menu.
In the "header and Footer" click once with the left mouse button on the line "page Number" and select the location of the page number. This opens the design tab, in the section "Working with headers", which displays the basic settings headers, footers, and page numbers.
On the opened tab click the "page Number" located on the left, and select "Format page numbers...". A window will open with the numbering settings in which the user can choose the type of page numbers, include the numbering of the individual sections of the document and define the start page number. Select the desired options and click OK.
To change the numbering format you can also select a text page number and by clicking the right mouse button, choose the line "Edit field...". In the opened window, in the "field Properties" select the format page numbers and click OK.
If necessary, select special settings for page numbering by clicking "Settings" on the tab "Designer". In the list that appears you can select "Special footer for the first page" (for example, when the document cover sheet)or "Different headers and footers for even and odd pages" (for example, when you turn on duplex printing of the document).
After all, the page number options are set, click "Close window headers" from the right side of the Designer tab.