Heavy Boxing bag is a rather large cylinder, which weighs from 60 to 110 kg. Due to its gravity they are equipped with very powerful suspension system. Heavy punching bags are large in size and high in cost and therefore are mainly used in the halls.
Heavy Boxing bag is great for practicing basic strokes. Because of its weight it difficult to lose, and therefore, it can also work out the kicks. The main purpose of heavy Boxing bags – aid athletes in working out the force of the blow and lethal series.
Medium Boxing bag is used not only in halls but also at home. The form has a cylindrical or pear (hence the name "punching bag"). The weight of the average bag is around 30-60 kg. It is convenient to hang on the bar of the house, because the powerful mounts he requires, and is a lot less.
The average Boxing bag will help to work out a fairly wide range of strikes, but the legs on it to beat already difficult. Just the kind of bag badly shaken. But for the workout of punches, he is perfect.
Lightweight Boxing bag is done in the form of a pear and weighs 5-30 kg. it can do even a child. And adults this bag helps develop speed bumps.
The horizontal uppercut heavy bag has a cylindrical shape and is suspended horizontally. The name implies that it is intended for working off of blows of uppercuts. The weight of this bag is around 25-50 kg.