You will need
  • printing;
  • - swipe;
  • - inks.
Usually the print understands the purpose of refueling ink, so you'll need some napkins: they will not get dirty, and quickly remove the skin failed to dry spray. Protect clothes from dripping liquid composition stamp paint corrosive and not easily excreted from tissue.
If you are printing with automatic equipment and with a protective mechanism that prevents the drying of the paint, she knows a few tricks. First, flip it over so that the top cover is rested on the surface of the table.
Find side polupodvizhnym paired button. Take the device in hand, make sure your thumb and middle finger were on them.
Slowly push the automatic snap-to until will not be able to click on the button. If the frame is completely gone inside and opened the imprint, it means you missed the point. Try again.
Pressed the buttons – fixed the print in one position. Let them go. You can now get a pillow.
Side of the print, find another remote button and click on it. From the side you should see the edge of the pads.
Take a napkin and grab it. Remove carefully the product, the slightest awkward movement can trigger a fine spray, even if you think that all the dye over.
Refill the stamp pad with ink, reinsert it. At this stage, the question often arises: how were located the item. Don't worry, you will not be able to place it wrong: it is simply not suitable in size.
Press the pair buttons-clips and this time make a motion as if you are going to put the imprint, but do not bring it to the end. Release print – unit will return to its original position. Now they can continue to work.
Similarly understand and stamps on the basis of automatic snap.