Advice 1: How to restore an expired law

Expired driver's license is considered, if the date of issue passed more than 10 years. Exchange it after expiry. It does not matter how much time has passed since the end of the term.
How to restore an expired law
You will need
  • - necessary documents;
  • - money to pay the registration fee.
Gather the necessary documents:
- statement to the exchange rights (the form of REO take on duty for the police Department);

- the passport;

- medical certificate (it is valid for 3 years, so good old not expired;

- expired driver's license;

- certificate of driver training (this document is optional if the training took place in the same city as the exchange rights).
Also do one color photograph 3x4 or black-and-white on matte paper with the corner on the right hand. Don't forget the receipt on state duty payment according to the form № PD-4 will pay for it in the savings Bank. In some branches of the savings Bank are offered have already filled in forms with the details of REO, but not all. So rewrite the details in the REO from the duty inspector.
If changed name, collect all the documents proving this fact. For example, if the surname has changed after marriage, take the marriage certificate. Temporary permit for office (if available). Exchanging law, this resolution must pass. All documents photocopy.
In after hours, submit the documents to the territorial body of the traffic police at the place of registration or actual residence. Huge queue, so please be patient. In the presence of friends who can speed up the process, contact them. Since delivery of the documents (and the rights) and until the issuance of new rights to drive will be impossible. So try to take the documents in the first half of the day to the second to obtain new rights.
When replacing a driver's license to retake the theoretical and practical exams is not necessary. Regardless of how overdue it is and how much in fact you have never driven a car, the penalty for the expired exchange certificate is not provided. But driving with an expired license (at least for a day) inspector will make the Protocol and impose administrative penalty (fine).
If the traffic police will require any additional documents, ask for a written refusal to issue a driver's license with indication of reasons. With this waiver, contact the Prosecutor's office. An unscrupulous employee was reprimanded, and the rights will be obliged to give.
Useful advice
If you wish to begin driving after a long break, read the rules of traffic rules, which change almost every year.

Advice 2 : How to replace an expired law

At the expiration of a driver's license need to convert this document to a new one. Driving a car with expired rights legislation equates to driving without a license, which is fraught with trouble for the driver.
How to replace an expired law
Collect all the necessary documents. You will need a medical certificate, expired driver's license photos to a new driving licence and passport. Please note: in lieu of a passport you cannot show a foreign passport, military ID and other documents. If for one reason or another at the moment of passport you have, show instead issued a temporary document, proving your identity. Also you have to pay the state duty for the issuance of a new license, and take a receipt confirming the payment. This can be done either in special payment terminals in the office of the traffic police, or in the savings Bank.
Call the traffic police and find out what days and what hours is the reception of drivers who need to replace a driver's license. Also, check how is the reception, do I need to register in advance or to take a Parking ticket. Otherwise you risk to spend a lot of time and nerves in vain standing in endless queues. Also just in case find out what you need to bring: you may, for example, may not need to photocopy any document, and you will have to look for a place where it can be done, and then wait for their turn.
When you finally get to the reception, show the police all the necessary documents and photocopies. Wait until you will be given a new identity, and don't leave until you check all these information. Police officers are people too, and they may accidentally make a mistake, due to which you may later have troubles. If the error is detected immediately after the issuance of the new license, the fix will take only a few minutes. But if you find her, already having left branch of the traffic police, you would have to stand in line and waste time.
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