Collect all the necessary documents. You will need a medical certificate, expired driver's license photos to a new driving licence and passport. Please note: in lieu of a passport you cannot show a foreign passport, military ID and other documents. If for one reason or another at the moment of passport you have, show instead issued a temporary document, proving your identity. Also you have to pay the state duty for the issuance of a new license, and take a receipt confirming the payment. This can be done either in special payment terminals in the office of the traffic police, or in the savings Bank.
Call the traffic police and find out what days and what hours is the reception of drivers who need to replace a driver's license. Also, check how is the reception, do I need to register in advance or to take a Parking ticket. Otherwise you risk to spend a lot of time and nerves in vain standing in endless queues. Also just in case find out what you need to bring: you may, for example, may not need to photocopy any document, and you will have to look for a place where it can be done, and then wait for their turn.
When you finally get to the reception, show the police all the necessary documents and photocopies. Wait until you will be given a new identity, and don't leave until you check all these information. Police officers are people too, and they may accidentally make a mistake, due to which you may later have troubles. If the error is detected immediately after the issuance of the new license, the fix will take only a few minutes. But if you find her, already having left branch of the traffic police, you would have to stand in line and waste time.