Advice 1: How to change an expired law

Replacement of driving licenses is carried out in accordance with the decree of the RF Government dated 15.12.99 1396, by order of the Ministry of internal Affairs and rules of the 782 RF PP 1396. To replace the law, should contact the registration and examination Department of traffic police of your area, if you live in the suburbs or any other area, if you live in the city.
How to change an expired law
You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • rights with an expired shelf life;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - photographs;
  • - personal card of the driver;
  • receipt about payment of state duty for the change.
Driver's license must be replaced every 10 years. All documentsrequired for the replacement of the rights specified in paragraph 38 of the user PP of the Russian Federation. If you have expired certificates, you must submit to the traffic police law expired, a passport application, a personal driver card, 4 photos 3x4 left-hand corner, a certificate of medical examination 083/U-89, temporary permit, if you got it, the receipt on state duty payment. Exams you will only be the case if your rights obtained in the former republics of the USSR after January 1, 1992.
No fines for overdue rights are not provided, however, if you are going to use them, it will be equated to driving without a license. The car can take it to the penalty Parking, and you will be attracted to administrative liability and may make it impossible to change the certificate for a period of up to three years.
If you have expired rights, and you have never driven a car 12 months or more, you will be asked to retake theoretical exam and practical. Practical exam you will be asked to take category b, C or D, even if there are additional categories.
If you want to replace an expired law and at the same time you have changed your name, submit a document confirming the new name, for example, certificate Registrar, certificate of marriage or divorce.
If the replacement card from the inspector reasonable doubt regarding the authenticity of your overdue is right, the results can pause for up to two months before clarification of all circumstances. In all other cases, the rights are issued for one to three days, depending on the region. At this time be issued a temporary permit, so that the driver can drive the vehicle during the replacement certificate.

Advice 2 : How can I change the passport of the USSR

Passport of the USSR is not such a rarity today. Not all found the time to change it on the passport of the Russian Federation. You probably have repeatedly faced with various problems: according to this document does not sell plane tickets or train refuses to open a Bank account. And if the passport has expired, then the exchange becomes critical.
How can I change the passport of the USSR
You will need
  • - application for replacement of passport;
  • - the passport of the citizen of the USSR;
  • - 2 photographs;
  • - certificate of registration at the place of residence
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
To change the passport of the USSR for the passport of the Russian Federation, check, have you lived continuously on the territory of Russia on 6 February 1992. If you have such facts (was registered at that time in Russia, studied in school, worked on the territory of the Russian Federation, as there is information in the workbook, etc.), then you are a Russian citizen and can apply for exchange of passports.
In addition to the passport of the USSR you need to bring 3 photos (color or black and white does not matter). The FMS at the place of registration or residence, write the statement on passport replacement. In any Bank, pay the state fee.
If you have a family, testify about the conclusion (or termination) of marriage and birth certificate of children. Reservists must provide a military ID. Take in the passport office a certificate stating where you are registered. If you ever change name or surname, you must bring documents confirming this fact.
In that case, if in 1992, you have not lived continuously on the territory of Russia, so you have no citizenship of the Russian Federation, to exchange the old passport will not work. The FMS staff or a lawyer to determine whether you are a stateless person or a citizen of another state. Then you need to start the procedure of obtaining the citizenship of the Russian Federation.
Depending on you citizenship, determine whether you qualify under a simplified system of obtaining citizenship, and in what time frame you will draw your new status and exchange your passport. For registration of citizenship may be required additional documents. Consult with the employee of the FMS and collect them. After successfully obtaining citizenship, you will automatically be given a passport of the Russian Federation.
Be prepared to pay a penalty if the passport of the USSR overdue photos. The penalty can be up to 2.5 thousand.
Useful advice
Depending on the situation, the passport of the Russian Federation, on average, can take from two weeks to one year.

Advice 3 : How to renew expired rights

Driver's license valid for 10 years from the date of issuance. If you can't exchange it in time, it will be considered expired and invalid. And if you drive a car, despite the fact that the rights you have "do not work", you risk to gain a lot of problems when dealing with traffic police inspector.

How to renew expired rights
You will need
  • - Passport;
  • examination card of the driver;
  • - medical certificate;
  • receipt about payment of state duty;
  • - old driver's license.
In order to change the rights to the new, you need to come to any district office of MREO of traffic police in your city. There you will need to write the corresponding application. The form will give the inspectors. With a take their test driver card, passport, medical certificate, old driver's license. Add to this package of documents and receipt for payment of the registration fee. Its size is about 800 rubles.
A receipt for payment of the registration fee you can take the traffic police Department. You'll need it to pay the required amount through payment terminals or through Internet banking. And can pay the fee in the savings Bank without giving details. As a rule, in the Bank all the necessary numbers are displayed automatically.
Photography today not require, as do license of the new sample and take pictures of them directly in the office of the traffic police. And to pay these cards is not necessary. Their cost is included in the legal costs.
Driver's license you will trade in the same day, just need some time - about 30 minutes - 1 hour to wait. Hand over all the documents in a special window. Then you will be called to obtain new rights.
Though penalties for late payment of rights not taken, to go with that identity and not worth it. After all, article 12.7, part 1 of the administrative code it is equivalent to driving the vehicle driver who does not have a right to drive a car. In this case, you are at risk for late identification to pay a fine in the amount of 2500 rubles.
Useful advice
Examination card if you have lost, then change the permissions all the same really. According to the law, the inspection staff do not have the right to refuse to accept documents because of the lack of such information.

Advice 4 : How to replace an expired law

At the expiration of a driver's license need to convert this document to a new one. Driving a car with expired rights legislation equates to driving without a license, which is fraught with trouble for the driver.
How to replace an expired law
Collect all the necessary documents. You will need a medical certificate, expired driver's license photos to a new driving licence and passport. Please note: in lieu of a passport you cannot show a foreign passport, military ID and other documents. If for one reason or another at the moment of passport you have, show instead issued a temporary document, proving your identity. Also you have to pay the state duty for the issuance of a new license, and take a receipt confirming the payment. This can be done either in special payment terminals in the office of the traffic police, or in the savings Bank.
Call the traffic police and find out what days and what hours is the reception of drivers who need to replace a driver's license. Also, check how is the reception, do I need to register in advance or to take a Parking ticket. Otherwise you risk to spend a lot of time and nerves in vain standing in endless queues. Also just in case find out what you need to bring: you may, for example, may not need to photocopy any document, and you will have to look for a place where it can be done, and then wait for their turn.
When you finally get to the reception, show the police all the necessary documents and photocopies. Wait until you will be given a new identity, and don't leave until you check all these information. Police officers are people too, and they may accidentally make a mistake, due to which you may later have troubles. If the error is detected immediately after the issuance of the new license, the fix will take only a few minutes. But if you find her, already having left branch of the traffic police, you would have to stand in line and waste time.

Advice 5 : What if you sold expired goods

It is not necessary to accept the fact that you cheated shopping network, selling expired goods. The task of any retail outlet is to satisfy the customer's needs, offering quality products. If you encounter cheating in your power to punish the unscrupulous seller.
What if you sold expired goods

The law is on your side

The sale of goods with expired shelf life is a gross violation of domestic legislation. If you were offered to buy goods at a low price and such a practice trading network and market halls, not in a hurry. Check the expiration date of the offered products may be expired product. If you ignored this simple action, get ready to come home upset. But do not be complacent, because as a consumer you have the right to receive quality goods. The law "On protection of consumer rights" describes what to do in a situation when the buyer was the victim of a crafty trade relations. And you can solve the problem on their own, if the seller admits his mistake and will change you overdue for a similar product fresh. Otherwise write a complaint.

Requiring the replacement of goods or refund, you must provide to the store expired goods, but also check. If you check threw, to help you find witnesses, if any. After all, according to article twenty-fifth of the Law, the lack of consumer receipt or other document confirming payment does not deprive of its possibility to refer to witnesses. Well, if the store is equipped with surveillance camera: fixing the fact you buy an expired product, camera surveillance becomes a tacit witness of your failed purchase.

Do not hesitate to demand the book of complaints and suggestions. Necessarily indicate the existence of expired products on the shelves of the store. This entry is not recorded, as stated in the table. The special authorities that control the activity of trade enterprises, maintain a complaints book.

If the store does not make concessions

If the outlets refuse to go forward and refuse to solve the problem, can apply either to the superiors of the store, or in special bodies of supervision over the consumer market. Your complaint must be submitted in writing with the application of reliable evidence. As material arguments in your favor can serve as overdue items, checks confirming their purchase, recording camera footage (if you provided it) or photos of the defective product (if you did).

The complaint may indicate not only the fact of delay of the product. Check in advance how much the store is in compliance with the temperature regime of storage of this product. If he does not meet the normative documents requirements, then the issue may be considered in court.

Advice 6 : You need to change the permissions

Driver's license have a limited period of validity – 10 years from the date of receipt. Then they need to change, although there are times when it must be done earlier, for example, by changing the names. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how the process of exchange of driver's license.
You need to change the permissions

When it comes time to change the driving license, the main issue of concern to modern humans – is it necessary to pass the exam in the traffic police. On this account, you can immediately calm down – the replacement of rights does not involve passing any exams.

Even in driving school of the teacher warn future drivers that the card issued upon completion of the training should be kept very carefully, as it is a mandatory document for replacement rights. However, in practice, to obtain a new driver's license and be without this document.

Medical help – one of the most important documents. Without her presence to get a new driver's license impossible. The certificate, which you did, going to driving school, most likely, already overdue, as it has a limited duration.

Today to get a new medical card is quite simple. There are medical organizations that issue it within one hour, while the cost of its almost not different from that which you would do in a conventional clinic.

Now you need to care about paying the registration fee. It's a small amount but without a receipt for her payment of a new license will not be issued.

Don't forget to make copies of medical records and receipts of payment of duty. These documents should be submitted to the traffic police.

The remaining documents include a passport, military ID (if available) and existing driver's license.

To get a new license in any branch of the traffic police. Going to the window, you can apply for a replacement driver's identity and give all the documents. You will check for the presence of unpaid fines, if any, they will need to pay. Then invite the very procedure of obtaining a driver's license.

Advice 7 : How to change documents by changing the names

Most women change their last name to her husband's name when married. There are other, less common reasons for the name change. Anyway, changing the name, we need to change their documents, otherwise they contain old data, they will be invalid.
How to change documents by changing the names
The first thing to take care of the exchange of passports. The term of exchange by the law of the Russian Federation – 1 month, if you miss the exchange will have to pay a considerable fine.
So, to exchange a passport you will need: 5 photos of the established sample, the payment receipt of the registration fee for the form passport be paid into a savings Bank), application for issuance of passport, old passport and original marriage certificate or divorce (if they are the reason for the name change).
Contact the passport office, fill out some forms, submit an application, leave them all gathered for the exchange of documents.

The exchange of the old passport to the new occurs within 10 days.
If you have a passport, it is also subject to exchange once you change the Russian passport. Now passports are manufactured with a microchip. Production time – 1 month. To replace your new passport and a statement to the exchange.
The next document which you need to change urgently is the policy of obligatory medical insurance (medical insurance).

Contact the city Department of your insurance company, do not forget to take along a new passport, the old policy and the work book if you are working with.

You will immediately be given a temporary medical insurance policy and will tell you when to come for a permanent instrument.
Now you need to get SNILS – insurance certificate of mandatory pension insurance – a small plastic card green. To do this, go to the pension Fund at the place of residence, take along a new passport, a photocopy of your passport, marriage certificate and its photocopy (if the reason for the change of name – marriage). The pension Fund fill in the exchange application document and a month to come and collect it with a new name.
Another document, which must be replaced when changing the names is a so-called VAT number or taxpayer identification number. For an exchange, please contact the tax office, don't forget the old INN and your new passport. In the tax office you will have to fill the application form. The production time of the new INN – one working week.
Education documents such as diploma and certificate exchange by changing the names of not subject.

In the workbook is a simple fix to your old identity for a new one.
Driver's license, if you have any changes in the office of local traffic police. For exchange certificates you need photos of the established sample, new passport, old license and your written statement. Although the legislation provides for the use of old rights, coupled with the presentation of a marriage certificate.
Savings books and credit cards vary in the respective banks. For this you will need to write a statement and attach a copy of the marriage certificate. Although, in passbook, most often, just make a note of the change of name.
Documents on real estate and other property registered in your former name remain valid upon presentation of the marriage certificate.
Useful advice
Not to delay the exchange of documents. Some of them after the change of name is valid for one month.
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