You will need
  • - Passport;
  • examination card of the driver;
  • - medical certificate;
  • receipt about payment of state duty;
  • - old driver's license.
In order to change the rights to the new, you need to come to any district office of MREO of traffic police in your city. There you will need to write the corresponding application. The form will give the inspectors. With a take their test driver card, passport, medical certificate, old driver's license. Add to this package of documents and receipt for payment of the registration fee. Its size is about 800 rubles.
A receipt for payment of the registration fee you can take the traffic police Department. You'll need it to pay the required amount through payment terminals or through Internet banking. And can pay the fee in the savings Bank without giving details. As a rule, in the Bank all the necessary numbers are displayed automatically.
Photography today not require, as do license of the new sample and take pictures of them directly in the office of the traffic police. And to pay these cards is not necessary. Their cost is included in the legal costs.
Driver's license you will trade in the same day, just need some time - about 30 minutes - 1 hour to wait. Hand over all the documents in a special window. Then you will be called to obtain new rights.
Though penalties for late payment of rights not taken, to go with that identity and not worth it. After all, article 12.7, part 1 of the administrative code it is equivalent to driving the vehicle driver who does not have a right to drive a car. In this case, you are at risk for late identification to pay a fine in the amount of 2500 rubles.