It is simple - for example, the year entrant works, saves money for school, goes to University and pays for the first year of study. To pay subsequent years, he will have to work all the time while studying. This option is suitable for those who want to study at the evening Department. In addition, it is important that the year of training was worth after all not too expensive: to the applicant or student is unlikely to earn 8000-10000 euros per year. This method is very often used by students in the West. It is a plus that the student will get used to combine studies and work before will be able to make a career. Although at first will have to work in "non-intellectual" fields - as a waiter, courier, etc.
A credit will be more difficult. In Russia is actively developing the system of educational loans, in General, however, education loans among students do not enjoy popularity. First, they will have to give. Second, many banks will help put terms like "learn without triples." Even for a very conscientious student will be able to learn without triples.
However, one should not exaggerate: large mortgage payments will begin only after the student graduate and find a job. For those who want to take education loan, you need to find a Bank that offers such loans (until about 10), and then to collect all the documents. This:
1. certificate of admission to the University.
2. passport, documents certifying the identity of the student and his sponsors (parents).
3. application form.
4. a statement from the parents of the student.
5. the agreement on training specialists.
Banks may require other documents.
It is worth remembering that to become a borrower on the loan can only be an adult. if the student is not yet 18 years old, he is the only co-borrower. In the latter case, the loan with the student will be able to take his parents.
Repayment period on the loan may be different, but not exceeding 11 years. It is also worth remembering that banks provide for certain restrictions (for example, loan amount up to 20000$ or pay 90% of tuition).