You will need
  • - the passport of the parent;
  • - birth certificate of the child or children;
  • - reference from place of residence;
  • - the court decision on adoption and other documents as necessary;
  • - agreement between the representative and the educational institution, the application;
  • - other on demand.
The state allocated the parent capital you can easily invest in the education of one child. Payment can be implemented for training in College, technical school, high school, and also in regular or specialized school, preschool educational institution. In order for payment has passed, you must complete all the requirements for registration statements on the order means of the parent capital.
The school, which is chosen by the parents must have not only the license but the state accreditation with prescribed it course of education.
With submission of documentation to the school, the child's age should not exceed 25 years.
To issue a document that the maternity capital will be used to study, once the child turns three years.
Before applying it is necessary to consider some important points to FIU followed the refusal. Investment capital of the parent in the education of one parent are not provided by the legislation of Russia.
Before going to FIU to collect a full package of documents: the application for obtaining a certificate of the parent capital, passports, birth certificate of children, certificate from the place of residence. If children were adopted, you will need to have the original of the court decision on adoption. And if one parent is not a citizen of the Russian Federation, to provide a document which confirms the presence of the Russian citizenship of the child.
You must also have a contract with the educational institution should sample. The contract requires the app, which presents a monthly calculation of payment of child's education.
Next, you need to apply with the documents to the specialist in the FIU at the place of residence and hand-write a statement about your desire. This document may be submitted before, when the child turns two-and-a-half years. To make a statement at any time, in case of approval of the application for the order means of the parent capital. After filing, the pension Fund will consider it for a few days. And after this time you will receive a notice about the decision. In that case, if PF adopts a positive decision, you will receive a written notice, which will be written the date when the amount specified in the statement, received in educational institution. As a rule, the money will be credited to the school within two months.