Advice 1: How to return the money for a correspondence course

In our country, many working people receive education by correspondence. As a rule, it takes a lot of money. Government is permitted to return 13% spent on studies amount. To do this, complete the Declaration 3-NDFL. To it is attached a number of documents, the list of which is presented in the tax laws. Moreover, there is a caveat, which is that the student needs to work officially and to make deductions of tax to the state budget.
How to return the money for a correspondence course
You will need
  • - the Declaration form 3-NDFL;
  • - agreement with the Institute;
  • copy of accreditation license of the Institute;
  • - receipts for school fees;
  • - the passport.
To obtain a social deduction on training request the Institute where you are getting education by correspondence for a fee, copies of accreditations and licenses University. Please note that these documents are certified with a blue seal of the educational institution.
As a rule, paid training with the student-zaochnik is a contract. The original of this document must be in your presence. If you get lost, messed up, request in the personnel office of their University copy of the contract. If you change the amount of payment for the training is annexed to the Treaty a supplementary agreement. Contract and agreement are attested by the seal of the Institute signature of the Director of the University.
When you return 13% of the amount of payment for training must be submitted payment documents. Receipts or Bank statements you should have on hand. If for some reason they are not available, contact the accounting Department of the Institute. There you will be given a certificate confirming the fact of payment. The document is stamped, signed by the chief accountant of the University.
In the company where you work, request a certificate 2-pit. It specifies the amount of wages over the past six months. The document shall be signed by the chief accountant, the company's seal.
Complete the Declaration 3-NDFL. Its form is approved annually and has a uniform shape. Fill in the document with your personal data, address of your residence. Make using information about your income, the amount of remuneration from the employer for work performed, within the preceding six months.
Enter the amount you spent on classes in the section to the provision of social deduction. Print out the Declaration. You can apply for a refund. Make payment details. Within 3-4 months, 13% of the amount spent back into your Bank account.

Advice 2 : How to return 13% of the tuition

Currently, nearly 70% of higher education in Russia is paid. Pay is also trained in artistic, musical and sports schools and other educational institutions. Payment for training is often one of the biggest items of expense in the family budget. The tax Code of the Russian Federation provides for the payment of social tax deduction for taxpayers on their own learning, to educate children or children under guardianship. This allows to partially compensate for the costs of training.
How to return 13% of the tuition
You will need
  • •To receive a social tax deduction on training you'll need
  • •Proof of employment of income received and the amount of tax withheld on form pit-2.
  • •A copy of the contract on training between educational institution and students or parent (guardian) of the student.
  • •a copy of the license of the educational institution or other documents confirming the status of the institution as an educational.
  • •Copy of payment document confirming the fact of cash or cashless payment of services of educational institutions.
  • •Copy of birth certificate of the student, if the expenses the taxpayer carries on the education of their child.
  • •A written application to the tax authority at the place of residence of the social tax deduction on training.
  • •A completed Declaration of tax on income of physical persons (form NDFL-3)
  • •A copy of the order about purpose of guardianship (guardianship), if the expenses the taxpayer carries on the training of his ward.
The right to a social tax deduction on training are (according to article 219 of the tax code):

Taxpayers who are residents of the Russian Federation, whose earnings are taxed on the income of natural persons (hereinafter personal income tax) tax rate 13%:

- Do students who have made tuition fees from their own funds, receipt of which is confirmed by the income statement (NDFL-2).If it does not matter in what form (day, evening or correspondence) trained.

- Parents paying for their children's education until they reach the age of 24 only full-time (intramural) form of education

- The guardians and the Trustees who pay for training of their wards to the wards reach the age of 24

a tax deduction is available in the following sizes:
If the taxpayer bears the costs of private education, the tax deduction is granted in the amount of actually incurred expenses but no more than 120 000. (For example, if you for his training was the sum of 100 000 rubles, you will get a refund of amounts you paid income tax of 13% from 100 000r., ie 13 000 rubles).
If the taxpayer bore the cost of tuition for their child (ward) the age of 24 years, the tax deduction is granted in the amount of actually incurred expenses but no more than 50 000. (the maximum amount of refunded tax in this case is 6 500 RUB.)
To receive a social tax deduction on training should take into account some important nuances that will help you to avoid possible mistakes.
School contract with the school may be signed by the student and his parent (Trustee). Better if the contract will be concluded directly between the educational institution and those who will continue to claim a social tax deduction.
Payment document must be issued in the name of someone who expects social tax deduction. If training pays for one parent, the deduction is available only to the parent who directly paid for the child's education.
Certificate of annual income of employment of the taxpayer in the form NDFL-2. If the taxpayer several work places where it has under contract or in combination, require references from all work places, where the accrued earnings subject to income tax.
1. To fill out the printed Declaration forms manually. Forms can be purchased in print shops or stores specializing in the sale of accounting documentation. Employees of tax inspection is recommended to fill in the Declaration at first in pencil. Only after verification of the Declaration by the inspector it will be possible to fill with the handle black or blue color.

2. Download to your computer in Microsoft Excel, ready blank forms, fill in and print them out. On the Internet you can find samples of these forms in a suitable format. This method assumes that all payments on the Declaration will be effected manually, as in the case with paper forms, there are also errors may occur.

3. Many services online offer to submit the online Declaration form 3-pit. But this method does not involve the complete protection of your personal data.

4. To download on the website of the Federal tax service of Russia the programme "Declaration" and the instruction on its filling. The calculations in this case, you don't have to make, the program generates results. Filled thus the Declaration should be retained on magnetic media (floppy disk) and print a copy on paper. This method greatly accelerates the acceptance of your return the tax Inspectorate. And, importantly, the Declaration on magnetic media, once entered into the database, and the accepted paper must be posted within 5 days.
To qualify to receive a social tax deduction on training, you can not later than 3 years from the date of payment. For example, if you studied and paid tuition fees from 2006 to 2010, the social deduction you can receive in 2011, only for the period from 2008 to 2010. And remember, the Declaration on social deduction should be completed before the year for which you are applying it.
Useful advice
If you do not have sufficient skills of computer work, or for any other reason to fill in the Declaration on magnetic media in an electronic form you can't, for the following services is provided by many firms and individuals. Ads can be found in local Newspapers, on the boards of tax inspections or the Internet.

Advice 3 : How to pay for school

Not all students parents are willing to pay study in high school: year of study at a prestigious University can cost up to 10,000 euros. The money is not all. How to pay for school, if you are not able to do on a budget? Output two: work and education loan.
How to pay for school
It is simple - for example, the year entrant works, saves money for school, goes to University and pays for the first year of study. To pay subsequent years, he will have to work all the time while studying. This option is suitable for those who want to study at the evening Department. In addition, it is important that the year of training was worth after all not too expensive: to the applicant or student is unlikely to earn 8000-10000 euros per year. This method is very often used by students in the West. It is a plus that the student will get used to combine studies and work before will be able to make a career. Although at first will have to work in "non-intellectual" fields - as a waiter, courier, etc.
A credit will be more difficult. In Russia is actively developing the system of educational loans, in General, however, education loans among students do not enjoy popularity. First, they will have to give. Second, many banks will help put terms like "learn without triples." Even for a very conscientious student will be able to learn without triples.
However, one should not exaggerate: large mortgage payments will begin only after the student graduate and find a job. For those who want to take education loan, you need to find a Bank that offers such loans (until about 10), and then to collect all the documents. This:
1. certificate of admission to the University.
2. passport, documents certifying the identity of the student and his sponsors (parents).
3. application form.
4. a statement from the parents of the student.
5. the agreement on training specialists.
Banks may require other documents.
It is worth remembering that to become a borrower on the loan can only be an adult. if the student is not yet 18 years old, he is the only co-borrower. In the latter case, the loan with the student will be able to take his parents.
Repayment period on the loan may be different, but not exceeding 11 years. It is also worth remembering that banks provide for certain restrictions (for example, loan amount up to 20000$ or pay 90% of tuition).

Advice 4 : How to receive compensation for training

Currently training in Russia and paid, and free. Under current law, in case of paid training you will receive compensation in the amount of 13% of the amount paid to the school. How to obtain compensation for training? What will it take?
How to receive compensation for training
You will need
  • INN,
  • - copies of your passport,
  • - a certificate of income on form W-2,
  • - agreement with the educational institution to pay for education,
  • - a copy of the license of the institution with the original seal,
  • - copies of receipts or orders for the payment of services of the institution.
Open a Bank account or enter the Declaration number available Bank checking account. It was on this account will be transferred payment. As this account, you can specify the details of the payroll card or cards, which is to be the scholarship student. If for any reason a Bank account cannot be opened, the tax office will be entitled to receive the amount of compensation they have in the cash Department.
Gather your documents. To the tax return attach all documents required for compensation. Remember, if the set of documents will be missed in any instance, the tax office will return the Declaration for revision, stating the reasons.
Contact the tax office at the place of registration. If you have a regular source of income (employment, real estate leases), tax must complete the tax Declaration on the income of individuals. If the student has no source of income, all these documents are collected on the name of his parent (father or mother), to him shall be attached a copy of the birth certificate of the learner. In this case it is better to enter into a contract with an educational institution in the name of the parent who submits the data for compensation.
Wait for decision of the tax Inspectorate. Under the law, when correctly executed Declaration and provided full set of documents, the payment shall be transferred to the taxpayer's account for several months (up to six months).
Will receive compensation. For this you need to contact the Bank to receive the transferred tax payments or to withdraw this amount through ATM (if the money was transferred to a plastic card).
Entitled to compensation are those citizens who paid for educational services in the prior tax period (year).

Advice 5 : How to fill out a Declaration for refund of tuition

In order to receive a refund of 13% of the amount paid for tuition, the student must fill out a Declaration. Its form is approved by law. The program "Declaration" each fiscal year varies, so it needs to be updated. The Declaration is attached a number of documents, which are indispensable for its completion.
How to fill out a Declaration for refund of tuition
You will need
  • program "return", the 2-NDFL statement of employment, pen, receipt of payment, an identity document.
Type Declaration for refund of tuition corresponds to the 3-pit, a room tax inspection at the place of residence of the person filling it. A symptom of a taxpayer for a student is the "other individual", and the income from which the citizen pays tax on the income of individuals, confirmed by a certificate from his place of work for form 2-NDFL. Reliability is confirmed personally or by his representative. And for the representative to make an surname, name, patronymic name and identity document.
The information of the declarant, the taxpayer enters his name, name, patronymic, date and place of birth, the name of the identity document, its details (series, number, whom and when issued), the full residential address (postcode, region, city, settlement, street, house number, buildings, apartments), a contact telephone number.
In the column "Incomes received in the Russian Federation", the taxpayer indicates the tax rate of 13%, writes the full name of the company, which has its taxpayer identification number and code of registration. Selects the revenue code that corresponds to the payment of wages, and in accordance with the certificate 2-pit enter the amount of income for each month of the six specified in this document.
In the "Deductions" the person filling out the Declaration, chooses social tax deductions, then writes the amount of money that it spent on tuition fees. It should match the receipts or other documents confirming the fact of payment for study.
This Declaration is stored electronically and is printed in two copies. The declarant writes the application for granting a social tax deduction, making the necessary documents and deliver to the tax authority.
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