You will need
  • - the Declaration form 3-NDFL;
  • - agreement with the Institute;
  • copy of accreditation license of the Institute;
  • - receipts for school fees;
  • - the passport.
To obtain a social deduction on training request the Institute where you are getting education by correspondence for a fee, copies of accreditations and licenses University. Please note that these documents are certified with a blue seal of the educational institution.
As a rule, paid training with the student-zaochnik is a contract. The original of this document must be in your presence. If you get lost, messed up, request in the personnel office of their University copy of the contract. If you change the amount of payment for the training is annexed to the Treaty a supplementary agreement. Contract and agreement are attested by the seal of the Institute signature of the Director of the University.
When you return 13% of the amount of payment for training must be submitted payment documents. Receipts or Bank statements you should have on hand. If for some reason they are not available, contact the accounting Department of the Institute. There you will be given a certificate confirming the fact of payment. The document is stamped, signed by the chief accountant of the University.
In the company where you work, request a certificate 2-pit. It specifies the amount of wages over the past six months. The document shall be signed by the chief accountant, the company's seal.
Complete the Declaration 3-NDFL. Its form is approved annually and has a uniform shape. Fill in the document with your personal data, address of your residence. Make using information about your income, the amount of remuneration from the employer for work performed, within the preceding six months.
Enter the amount you spent on classes in the section to the provision of social deduction. Print out the Declaration. You can apply for a refund. Make payment details. Within 3-4 months, 13% of the amount spent back into your Bank account.