Before starting to draw, think and write the plan and plot of your comic. In the comics should be story – otherwise they turn into simple line drawings devoid of meaning. Think carefully about the storyline and write the possible replica and also think of the images of the main characters.
Sketch a storyboard for a future comic book that will help you understand what to draw in each line of frames. In advance draw the images of the main characters, forming their style.
If you want to paint a serious, detailed comics, use sheets of A3. For more simple comic will fit the A4 sheet.
Start creating comics with the preparatory pencil sketches that should be done carefully and subtly. Raschertite sheet for the sector, draw a border of 0.5-1 cm, depending on the size of the sheet.
To begin make an outline of the composition of each frame, and only then start detailing and drawing. The drawing should be easily read from a frame and some parts for a higher impact can go beyond personnel (for example, explosions).
All frames fully drawn with a pencil, get them to treatment. To do this, use a brush and paint if you are going to paint, and Kontorovich drawings manually. Substantial assistance in the delineation of the contours you will have a technical pen – it allows you to make thin and precise lines with ink.
You can also use poster feathers. After outlining and coloring in the comic it should be scanned at 300 dpi and finish processing in Photoshop.
After scanning, the picture will necessarily contain some amount of defects and debris – remove these defects by increasing the scale of the drawing and using a small eraser with a hard edge. In the section " Select>color range, click on any white area of the figure to select all the white portions of the file, and then click Delete.
The computer finished creating comics, writing frames replica in prefabricated form or of the cloud.