You will need
  • Any software to create images, but it is better to use the most functional Adobe Photoshop.
Create a new document.
Can lined page under the individual frames, but it is logical then cut around the images, rounded rectangles, not to change their size later.
If you decided to draw comics on the computer, but you already thought of as heroes. So you have to either draw them or copy from ready-made images and pictures.
Copying or drawing directly in the program story, remember to leave space under the sayings of the characters. As a rule, they are placed at the top or bottom of the frame.
To create text in a graphics file, you need to draw a shape and then select the appropriate tool. When clicking on the selected for the speech of heroes, the place you'll be able to write. To exit this mode, simply select another tool or select the normal cursor.
If you want to paint comic books, you can do it with a brush, but this will require a lot of patience and precision mouse control. You can also use the fill tool.
For fill, select the tool, then a suitable color and click the field you want to paint. Remember that is shaded in this case, the plot is having clear boundaries. If they are moving in a different element of the picture, the better a tool not to use.