You will need
  • Pencil – soft and hard, paper, eraser, markers, paint, pencil sharpener.
Before you start drawing, you should consider and set the plot of the comic. If the comic has no plot, it is simply a set of symbols. After thinking through the storyline, you need to write dialogue and invent characters.
Make the basic outline of the frames of a comic strip, draw images of the characters.
For large and detailed comic is better to take the A3 sheets, and simple enough for A4.
Make pencil sketches, divide the sheets into individual sector and draw a border.
Make sketches for each frame by drawing the composition, then detail.In some cases, the image may extend beyond the frame for greater effect.
Draw with a pencil frames and start to handle them with paint and ink. You can use the technical pen to create sharp lines.
After outlining and coloring, you can scan the drawings and do the processing on the computer.
On the computer write replica to the prepared cloud.